• English Club – Essay, Oratory & Debates
  • Language Club – Essay, Oratory & Debates
  • Science Club – Seminars, Chart & Projector Presentation, Science Exhibition & Science Olympiad
  • Maths Club – Maths olumpiad & maths Talent Exam
  • Social Science Club – Arts & Hobbies, Excursions & Educational Tours
  • Islamic studies & Arabic Department – Good Word & Value Education for all Quiz Programmes & Speech
  • General Knowledge: Quiz Programmes
  • Triway-E-Kindergarten English Communication Work Sheets Activities for Class L.K.G & VII Std.
  • Sport Club Activities Intral Mural & District & Zonal Sport & Games Competition
  • Eco Club Activities – Go Green Plantation and Environmental Cleanliness
  • Audio – Visual K-Class Programmers for all


  • Special concentration is being given to improve drawing skills, creative activities, logical thinking and mind power
  • Audio Visual training of Samacheer academy syllabus is given
  • ‘K Yan’ smart classses highlights the knowledge to ignite the minds of students
  • P.E.T classes are conducted to improve the students stamina and to train them in the different sports activities Apart from the above extra curricular activities throughtout the academic year
  • State Level Carrom Board
  • Students of all classes are focused to improve in Hand Writing Skills and English Communication
  • Laboratory activities and various department programmes are regularly conducted in all levels to encourage the students in self learning and for widening their vocabulary and General Knowledge
  • To test the academic knowledge of students continuous assessment unit tests and exams are conducted regularly and subsequently
  • PTA meetings (Parents Teachers association meeting) are arranged for academic discussions
  • Thus the children are motivated to equip themselves with the latest information such that they dont face short of the demands of this competitive world.


  • State Level Hand writing Competition
  • State Level Drawing Competition ( Global Event )
  • Tamil Cinthanaiyalar Manawar Mandram Eloquent & Essay Writing Competition
  • Shakespeare Institute of English Studies & Universal Talent Search Exam
  • State Level Carrom Board
  • District level High Jumb 1st Place Gold Medal
  • Shakespeare Vocabulary Test in English State Medal
  • Draw king competition District level
  • Anjuman-e-Farogh-e-urdu