Recognized by Govt. of Tamil Nadu
(Recog No. 30-M-0029-0518)

The inception of Fathima Educational Trust can be dated back to 1980. Now it has been the crafter of the great success stories in educating students in the region and finally seeing them prove their mettle in alll walks of life. Fathima Matric Higher Secondary School is a english medium school with classes from kindergarten to class XII. The aim of the institution is to give sound education, Character and good physique to children.

29 sets of students appeared successfully to the X Board exams


7 sets of students of Samacheer Tamil Nadu Board syllabus

Why Us?

Fathima Matric Higher Secondary School

Equal focus on academics and extracurriculars

Sound body is sound mind, as we implement this in our day to day activities we push our students in acheiving better goal in both academics and extra-curricular activities and secured couple of state-level medals.

Fathima Matric Higher Secondary School

NEET foundation coaching for higher secondary

Competetion exsists everywhere in all the walks of life, we eqip our students to gain confidence in order to race with their peers and shine in their dream careers.

Fathima Matric Higher Secondary School

100% results in X board exams for record of 17 years

Since the admission to the Higher secondary is based on the marks the students score in class X, we are competting with the public examinations and scoring the best reults to our extend and improving for 17+ years.


Prayer hall and amenities

Concentraion on moral instruction keeps the students in high self esteem, Since its one of the core principles of the school we always look keen into the spiritual needs of the students. We have dedicated prayer hall for boys and girls.


Enhanced E-learning platforms

Inorder to enrich the students digital knowledge in the digital world, our school takes care of digital teaching to enable assistive and customized learning from kindergarten level.


Dedicated School Club Activities

School club activities that increase the skillset of the students consistently, English Club, Science, Math, Social science, Islamic Studies, GK, Eco club, Sports club and audio visual K-class are some of them.

Highlights Of Our School

  • 100% success in X std. board exams for the past 17 years
  • Campus english and special focus on english communictive skill, training by Tril-Way-Ekg, Bangalore.
  • Learning through audio Visual ‘K’ class. Knowledge class with Interactive audio visual programme.
  • Computer practicals from higher elementary classes.
  • High quality value education and moral science classes for all students.
  • Basic islamic studies in english and special focus in arabic, deeniyath studies for muslim students.
  • Special care for excellance in physical education and other extra curricular activities.
  • Special training for cursive handwriting.
  • Training to develop leadership qualities.

Our Curriculum

2018-19 Class XII Results

School Toppers

School Toppers

ZAINAB C 511 / 600
HANFA NADIRA T A 490 / 600

2018-19 Class X Results

School Toppers

School Toppers

VIDHYA V 475/500

Extra Curricular Activities

Handwriting & Drawing competetion (won state level)
Carrom Board (won state level)
Gold Medal in High Jump (District level)
Proficiency Test in English (won state level)

For Further Information Contact Us On +91 4174-228367

Fathima Matric Higher
Secondary School

Malang Road, Khaderpet,
Vellore District, Tamil Nadu 635751
Tel.: +91 4174-228367

Email: fathimaschoolprincipal@gmail.com